Welcome to A&J Sectional Buildings Ltd

Garden Sheds NorthamptonshireEstablished in 1982, A&J Sectional Buildings Ltd is a family run business with customer service at its core. From it’s humble beginnings A&J has built a strong reputation to become the national supplier it is today. A&J Sectional Buildings manufacture, deliver and construct a wide selection of quality garden buildings.

Building Standard Specifications

All of our buildings are constructed with the following unless otherwise states, full building specifications can be found on page 23 of this brochure.

  • Tongue & Groove Shiplap boards
  • Lock & Key
  • Horticultural glass (3mm clear)
  • Green Mineral felt (40kg)
  • 2x2” (50x50mm) & 2x1” (50x25mm) Framing (planed)
  • Heavy duty chipboard flooring on most buildings over 8’ x 8’
  • Window layouts vary depending on building size
  • 18mm moisture resistant chipboard

Although all buildings are pre treated prior to delivery, we recommend an annual coating of preservative to ensure longevity of your building.

Customer Base Requirements

All customers are requested to provide a prepared level base i.e; concrete, slabs or timber and made to the correct size for your chosen building, details of this can be found on page 20.

Building Sizes

All of our building sizes are approximate based on external measurements, they do not include roof overhangs, you must take this into consideration when ordering your building, for example an 8’x6’ Apex will need a 7’ wide gap to go into because of the roof overhangs.

Access To Your Base

We can get most buildings to customers bases, one way or another. When ordering your building your agent should be able to give you the largest panel size for your access. We can make most buildings in smaller sections for a small premium to cover the extra time & materials required to do so. We are unable to lift panels over garage roofs due to Health & Safety grounds, but our delivery men will pass panels up to & take panels off of anybody who wants to go on the garage roof. We are also not allowed to lift panels over fences, hedges or walls over 5’ tall without additional help from the customer.

When measuring any doorways for access, please take a diagonal measurement, and please take into account any turns or steps that may affect our ability to get your building to your base. Please ensure that we have a safe, clear passage to the base & if we have to come through your house, please remember it is your responsibility to put coverings on your floor to protect it. If your access is muddy it is also your responsibility to have any covers for the shed floor to protect it from muddy footprints.